Dene Leadership Meetings

Dene Leadership Meetings are composed of chiefs from 30 communities in Denendeh who assemble to confer priorities of Denendeh and to follow up on direction provided at the Dene National Assemblies. At these meetings the leadership discuss, consult and decide upon matters that are important to the attainment of the objects of the Dene Nation. They are involved in overseeing and participating in the implementation of resolutions and establishing policies and procedures for its own use. The leadership represent Dene citizens and support and encourage Dene communities and Dene territories to meet their respective goals and objectives. Upon receiving written requests from four members of the leadership, the Dene National Chief calls for a Dene Leadership Meeting.

At these formal meetings, the leadership appoints two co-chairpersons to preside over the meeting. The chairpersons ensure that the minutes and records of the meeting of the leadership are completed and delivered to and stored at the Dene National Office.

There are also informal meetings of the leadership who convene by telephone, teleconference, video conference, email, facsimile or other form of written correspondence on such notice as the leadership may deem sufficient. All decisions made at informal meetings of the leadership are ratified at the next formal Dene Leadership Meeting.